Viper mk 7

Schematics of the Mk.VII Viper.

The Viper Mark VII is the latest in a long series of successful Space Superiority fighters. Designed and manufactured by G.L.L. Defense Industries Inc. on Caprica, they are the fastest and most manoeuvrable fighter ever developed by humans. With the Cylon War fresh in the minds of the Admiralty, they asked for a fighter that could conceivably out perform a Cylon counterpart and while they are satisfied with the Mark 7, rumours abound that the Mark 8 is already in the planning stages.

These ships are the main fighters of every current colonial ship, Including the Prometheus. The Mercury Class Battlestar (like the Eternal or Pegasus) held 200. Most large modern ships also have the facilities to build these ships. More examples of this fighter survived the the Attack than any other type.

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