Viper mk 2

Schematics of the Mk.II Viper.

The Viper Mark II was introduced in the second year of the Cylon War. Specially designed for use with the new Jupiter Class Battlestars, they were basic, but incredibly capable fighters. Small, fast, adaptable and potentially dangerously maneuverable, they managed to outperform virtually every fighter in use by either side, while being almost completely impervious to Cylon attempts at hacking. Unlike the Mark I its service was not short lived. In fact it was quite the opposite being the primary colonial fighter from its introduction to shortly after the Cylon War, an operational history of over a decade. It is believed that the Galactica continues to operate a squadron of such fighters. The Eternal found the wreckage of a few of Galactica's examples over Ragnar, and the Pegasus black box confirmed that they were still in operation.

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