Theresa Madrid

Theresa Madrid

Master Chief Petty Officer Theresa Madrid is the Senior Enlisted Person (aka Chief of the Boat) on the Battlestar Prometheus.

Theresa Jean Madrid was born on the planet Aquaria.

Theresa is a career soldier of the Colonial Defense Force who had no aspirations to greatness. She was perfectly content to be the Communications Chief of the Prometheus. Events changed her fate, however, when the former Chief of the Boat died in enemy hands. She stepped up like the natural leader she was and kept the crew from losing hope during their captivity in Alliance hands. In recognition of her leadership abilities, Commodore Turner promoted her over several other higher ranking enlisted members to her current rank. She now enforces discipline with a boot and a smile, keeping the members of the Prometheus crew in line and ensuring that they never forget who they are: Colonial Soldiers.

During Dead Saint Day, she marry Allain Halloran. Because Theresa is from Aquaria, where the man take the woman last name, her name remain unchanged however, Allain is now Allain Madrid (nee Halloran).


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