STF-101 'Stealthstar'
The Stealthstar is a stealth recon craft utilized by the Colonial Military primarialy for intelligence gathering. It is a low observance design, and are nearly invisible on DRADIS when fully operating in stealth mode. The design is normally not fitted with weapons or an FTL drive, but can be modified with these systems if needed.

The Battlestar Prometheus has two STF-101 Stealthstars (Sierra One Alpha and Sierra One Bravo) aboard when she launched as part of Operation Outreach. These two craft are colored ebony black, and are specially outfitted with both weapons and FTL systems. Sierra One Alpha is destroyed while being piloted by Captain Stacie Percival in Ep. 1-9. Captain Percival detonated a malfunctioning nuclear weapon attached to her Stealthstar, destroying the Terran Alliance Conqueror Battlectuiser Fire Hellion that was attempting to ram the Prometheus. The fate of Sierra One Bravo is unknown.


The STF-101 is a heavily upgraded version of the ship seen in the Battlestar Galactica episode 'Valkyrie'.