Stacie Percival
Stacie Percival
"Sheba" aboard the Battlestar Prometheus


Colony Arelon (Adoptive)
Birth place Cylon Colony
Birth Name "Number Six"
Birth Date
Callsign "Sheba"
Introduced [[]]
Parents The Final Five Cylons
Siblings Significant Seven
Marital Status
Family Tree View
Role Previous:
Cylon sleeper agent
Colonial Viper Pilot
Commander of the 82nd Viper Squadron
Executive Officer of the Battlestar Ares
Rank Major
Serial Number
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Stacie Percival is a Cylon
Stacie Percival is a Final Five Cylon
Stacie Percival is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
Stacie Percival is an Original Series Cylon
Additional Information
Stacie Percival in the separate continuity
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Major Stacie "Sheba" Ann Percival is one of the main characters from Battlestar Prometheus. She is both a Colonial Officer and a Cylon Number Six Model. She gives one hundred and ten percent in everything she does and expects the same from everyone else. She leads by example and can often be found in the trenches with the ‘knuckle draggers’.

Character History Edit

"Stacie Percival" is the fictional identity of a Humanoid Cylon sleeper agent. She was programmed to believe that she came from the agricultural world of Aerelon. Although born to a military family, she was the first to ever become an officer. She had to work hard to get into the academy and had to work harder to prove herself to her peers from the more wealthy world like Caprica and Picon. This is however completely untrue. In reality she was a Cylon agent tasked with infiltrating the Colonial Defense Force and gathering intelligence on its current state of readiness and technological advance, roughly 11 years prior to the cylon attack. During her time as a "nugget" in the Caprica Fleet Academy she developed a romantic relationship with Jason Allen, which broke down following the death of his closest friend.

She was assigned to the newly commissioned Battlestar Prometheus as a viper pilot where she was made commander of "Knight" Squadron.

Following the Prometheus' return to the Twelve Colonies she was exposed as a Cylon yet she made the choice to continue serving as a Colonial Officer. In recognition of this, she was offered the position of the X.O. of the partially Centurion operated Battlestar Ares.