Operation OutreachEdit

Operation Outreach, a mIssion launched by President Adar about a year before the fall. Its goal; locate the "lost" Thirteenth Tribe and the lengendary planet Earth. Commander Jonathan Turner was entrusted with this special mission. It's also where Episode One of Battlestar Prometheus (Story) begins.

The MissionEdit

During the mission the Battlestar Prometheus discover both Kobol and the Terran Alliance.

The Prometheus discover the Centuir Lancer on the planet M-71 and engage in the Battle of M-71.

Result of the MissionEdit

Battlestar Prometheus find the Earth and traces of the Thirteenth tribe. But what they found was a radioactive wasteland and believed that the Thirteenth tribe had destroyed itself in an atomic war. While Battlestar Prometheis is orbiting the Earth, they receive word of the Cylon attack against the Twelve Colonies of Kobol. Time to go.

Operation ReckoningEdit

Operation Outreach affects Operation Reckoning. Its discovery seemingly causing the Cylons to reopen the great debate. Operation Reckoning is the Cylon's attack plan against the twelve colonies of Kobol.