Nemesis Class Basestar Schematic

Nemesis class Basestar

The Nemesis class Basestars, seen some 40 years after the end of the Cylon War, are approximately the same size as a Mercury class Battlestar but appear to be more technologically advanced. The shape of the newer basestar reflects its name, with two Y-shaped hulls attached at their centers by a single pylon, the warship has a distinctive "star" shape.

They are equipped with a superior jump system and no visible means of sublight propulsion, lacking any engine pods or nacelles, but remain capable of chasing down a battlestar. They can rotate their upper and lower halves into a tandem-Y configuration for entry into a planetary atmosphere.

Basestars operate a fleet of small fighters, known as Raiders, and are capable of deploying hundreds of these ships simultaneously. The enormous number of Raiders serves as a basestar's primary defense system.

Like the Raiders, the basestars are partially organic, which is particularly evident in their landing bays. When severely damaged, they can sustain large, fleshy wounds. Moreover, given enough time and raw materials, a damaged Nemesis class Baseship can completely heal itself.