M - 71 is a planet discover by Battlestar Prometheus during their third week of Operation Outreach. The planet also had a crash site on it of the ship name Centuri Lancer


At some point, the 7th tribes, the Aquarion settle of M-71 for an years, when their food supplies was running low. After a years, the Aquarion left and would settle on Aquaria.

Fifty - two years before the fall, the Centuri Lancer was launch as a deep space explorer mission with eight C-101 Centurion on board for protecting. After, the Insurrection Download, four of the eight Centurion revolt. Two was destroyed, however a third one force the ship to crash on M-71 and was later destroyed by Marine from Battlestar Prometheus during the Battle of M-71. The other four C-101 Centurions came online and kill Lieutenant Colonel Hall before two of them was destroyed by the Marine and two destroyed by a Sicimitar bomding strike. It was during the battle that a unknown scout ship was detect leaving the planet after downloading the Lancer's compter core.

Battle of M-71Edit

The Battle of M-71 was fought between Marine from the Battlestar Prometheus with air support from the Scimitar Squadron and five C-101 Centurions left over from the crash ship Centuri Lancer. The Battle ending in a Colonial Victory, with the destruction of the five centurions and the crash site of the Centuri Lancer. The only Colonial loss that is known, was Lieutenant Colonel Holt.

Aftermath of Battle of M-71Edit

The Prometheus would end up going on to Kobol. Where it would meet the unknown scout ship again.

The unknown scout ship would turn out to be the Cosmic Castaway under the command of Marcus Darby.