Senator Lucian Zylman is the Chief Scientific advisor to Admiral Turner and member of the Copernicus Senate.

Assigned by President Adar to assist Turner in the search for Earth, Doctor Z (as he is affectionately known by those whom he works with) is the foremost expert on Earth mythology in the twelve colonies. While some people mistake him for a nerdy scientist, those who actually get to know him realize that he has one of the sharpest minds they will ever meet. In his time on Prometheus he has earned the respect of the officers and enlisted men of the ship because of his fierce loyalty and determination. Having found Earth to be a major disappointment, he now studies the debris and relics brought back from that dead world in an effort to explain what happened and he is about to make a startling discovery.

He also serves in the fledgling Senate of the new Colonial Government, representing the survivors of Aquarion.


Original Doctor Z, first name was Herbert, Season 1, Ep 1, pg 23, however by Ep 2, he first name is Lucian.