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Ashley 'Splashdown' Klave

James L. Ryan III

James L Ryan III

List of Characters in Battlestar Prometheus:

Canon CharactersEdit

Richard Adar: President of the Twelve Colonies. He make an appearing in S1, Ep 1 and 2.

Gaius Baltar: Doctor and personal friend of President Adar. He make an appearing in S1, Ep 1 and 2.

Helena Cain: Commander promoted to Rear Admiral, oever several officers include Commander William Adama. She is the commanding officer of the Battlestar Pegasus. Colonel Jonathan Turner service at her X.O. Promoted to Rear Admiral shortly before Prometheus left on it mission.

Admiral Nagala: An Admiral in the Colonial Fleet's have at least one daughters.

William Adama: Commander, commanding officer of the Galactica, and former commanding officer of the Atlantia, and Valkyrie. During he time service on the Atlantia, Turner was his CAG. Turner was also his CAG during Adama's tim e command the Valkyrie.

Saul Tigh: Colonel, X.O. of the Galactica

Anastasia 'Dee' Dualla: Petty Officer, 2nd class, and communications officer of the Galactica

Jack Fisk: Major service with Commander Caina nd Colonel Turner on the Battlestar Pegasus

Laura Roslin: Secretary of Education

Peter Corman: Admiral

Bulldog: Lieutenant Daniel Novacek is capture by the Cylon after the fail mission in 'Hero'

Human CharactersEdit

Jason Thornton: A reptors at the Caprica City Times, have at least one son who is in the Colonial Fleet. He son was pass over for a job at Picon Fleet Headquarters leading him to start criticism President Adar.

Jonas Haley: Doctor, work at the Leonon Institute for Political Study, along with Baltar was interview by Thornton.

Jon Baxter: Chief of Staff for President Adar

President Nelson: First name unknown, President before Adar

Jasper Akron: The First President of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol under the Articles of Colonization.

Thomas Palmer: Master Chief Petty Officer

Vice Admiral Roswell: Is an Vice Admiral in the Colonial Fleet, who Commander Turner meet with before the Prometheus jump to Ragnar. He also meet with President Adar. Chief of Colonial Fleet Exlporation Branch

Colonel Marshall: A Colonel who is assign to the Gunstar Vigilant

Marco Hall: Colonel, commanding officer of the Gunstar Vigilant

Karl Glast: Major, and X.O. of the Sentinel

Chief Jaxon:

Doctor Taylor:

Roger 'Spit Shine' Franklin: Captain, is desk by Allen, and because of his black eye get the nickname Shiner

Spanky: A pilot, name unknown

Skeeter: a pilot, name unknown

Moby: A pilot, name unkown

Rain Man: a pilot name unknown

Dasher: a pilot name unknown

Bojay: a pilot name unknown

Lieutenant Jackson: Helm officer on the Sentinel

Anne 'Dasher' Bennett: Lieutenant and Silder wingman during the Battle of M-71

Lieutenant Colonel Holt: Senior most Marine, kill during the Battle of M-71, family is on Troy

Sergeant Hayes: Marine

Corporal Litterman: Marine

Private Allison: Marine

Lewis: Marine, former a Captain promoted to Major

Captain Brewer: Flight Instructor, freind of Karla Horvath and know both Jason Allen and Stacie Percival, who is seem that his training as Viper pilot. He is referred to as Bad Ass, it is unknown wheater this is his callsign or nickname or both.

Admiral Johnson:

Doctor Jones:

Shelly Archer: A Marine who saw Ryan coming out of Dr. Z's quarters. She is marriage.

Lieutenant York: A another Marine mention however it seem that Lieutenant York is Shelly Archer.

Hal Creighton: Professor of Archeology at the University of Sagittaron

Marcus Darby: An ex Colonial pilots, who is commanding officer of the Cosmic Castaway the unknown scout ship from M-71

Major Bart 'Barty' Phillips:

Fleet Admiral Kristoff:

Adrian Simms: Petty Officer First Class, in command of Batteries Four

Crewman Jefferies

Matthew Campagna: Co host of Colonial News Network

Nat Tubanos

Sergeant Randal Shugart

Sergeant Gary Gordon

Tommy Percival: the fiction sons of Sheba and Slider

Shooter: pilot, name unknown

Stingray: pilot, name unknown

Horace Green: Secretary of State

Jeffery Sharp: Governor of Troy

Niles Hoffman: Secretary of Defense

Janis Torrina: Actress

John Brooks: Actor

Simeon Talbot: Commander, selected to be the commanding officer of the Orion

Admiral Alston

Major Argyle:

Tom: best freind of Slider

Denyse: Ex - wife of Turner, she and Turner was marriage for tne years had two sons together. However Denyse never like the Military lifestyles and her and Jonathan divorce four years before Operation Outreach.

Major Laura Black: Executive Officer (XO) Gunstar Vigilant

Lt. Gregory Benedict: Operations Officer, Gunstar Vigilant

Lt. Frances "Mac" McGovern: DRADIS Officer, Gunstar Vigilant

Cylon CharatcersEdit

Doral (Number Five): a members of the Presidential Press Corps

Simon (Number Four): meet with Doral and learn of Operation Outreach\

Aaron Doral (Number Five): a members of the Ministry Communications Department (Note the could be the same Doral who is a members of the Presidential Press Corps.

Note: During the scene on the Cylon Homeworld, there are several Cylon;s characters however most of them are simple referred to by their model number or comman name so there is no way of separated them into different characters.

Others CharactersEdit

General John Connors: Commander, Lobo Negro Station

Commander Tajalle: Commanding Officer, Battlestar Eternal

Dr. Kevin Grazier: Governor, Copernicus Colony

Lt. Colonel Stewart Kelly: Commanding Officer, 7th Marine Expeditionary Regiment

Major Joshua 'Shooter' Wakefield: C.A.G., Prometheus Air Group

Captain Rose 'Tiger' Hohensee: Commander, 101st Viper Squadron

Lieutenant Brad 'Tiny' Allen: Squadron Commander, 32nd Viper Squadron

Lieutenant Ashley 'Splashdown' Klave; Pilot, Raptor Support Squadron

Ensign Melody 'Hygiena' Moody: Captured, presumed dead

Captain Karen Reighney: Helm and Navigation Officer

Commander James L. Ryan III: Commanding Officer of the Battlestar Ares

Captain Louis Greene: Fire Control Officer

Lieutenant Marshall Margaritell: FTL and Computer Systems Specialist and Assistant Engineering Officer

Major Alex Tompkins: Commanding Officer, 7th Marine Expeditionary Regiment

Captain Joshua Wakefield: Commanding Officer, 82nd Viper Squadron “Knights”


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