Landram Mark 2
Colonial Landram Mk II

Class: Ground Assault Vehicle

Crew: One driver, one commander/gunner

Passengers: Up to ten fully equiped Marines

Weapons: Variable, depending on mission parameters


After the Cylon War, the Colonial Defense Force recieved a large budget to upgrade it's forces. However, the land based forces were the last to recieve such funding and so the Landram MK II was a long time in coming. A drastic upgrade from it's predecessor, the MK II is built upon the Omni-Based Weapons Platform (O.B.W.P) . It can be modified from track to wheeled vehicle in less than an hour and can easily swap out turret and weapons pods based upon the needs of the mission. This has the effect of making the MK II a very versatile vehicle, one that any Marine or Colonial Army officer would be proud to have on his or her side. The Nova class Battlestar was designed to operate up to 50 of these vehicles.