Gunstar Sentinel
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Gunstar Sentinel

Gunstar Sentinel

The Gunstar Sentinel is one of the three ships assign to Operation Outreach.

CLASS: Titan

COMMANDING OFFICER- Commander Nigel Alexander

CREW COMPLIMENT: 600 crew, 500 Marines (One Marine Battalion)

FIGHTER COMPLIMENT: Normally no Vipers but can support up to 40, Numerous Raptors, Scimitar Bombers, and Shuttles.

GROUND VEHICLE COMPLIMENT: Landram Mark II Ground Assault Vehicles.

JUMP RANGE: 90 Stellar Units (SU)


Operation Outreach Edit

18 months before the fall the Sentinel was selected to be one of the two Gunstars assign with BSG-22.

Later it engaged Terran Alliance forces when the Battlestar Prometheus was attacked. It escaped the capture of the Prometheus.