Gunstar Crossbow

Gunstar Crossbow

The Crossbow is one of the remaining Titan class Gunstars of the Colonial Fleet. She is under the command of Colonel Michael Huynh and houses a crew of 600 officers and enlisted personnel. She is designed to transport and support a contingent of 500 Colonial Marines.


The Crossbow differs slightly from her sisters. She carries a flightpod modified from that of the standard Titan design. The pod has only half the Viper launch tubes as the Titan, Sentinel, and Tomahawk. She carries additional Landrams, Raptors, and Shuttles to support her Marine complement. In addition, she is fitted with four additional dual-purpose batteries. The ventral batteries can be used in space or planet-side. The dorsal batteries are not meant to be used in space, but can do so in an emergency. They are primarily intended to render indirect fire support for the Marines once on the ground.


Sometime after the destruction of the Twelve Colonies, the Crossbow joined the defense fleet of the last known refuge of humanity, the Copernicus Colony.