Gunstars are fast, maneuverable warships utilized by the Colonial Fleet. They are intended to escort larger vessels, such as Battlestars, in a fleet, convoy or battle group.

General infoEdit

Gunstars are space-going vessels ranging between 900 to 1500 meters in length and between 50 and 130 million tones. They are generally smaller than their Battlestar Cousins. They serve in multiple roles in the Colonial Fleet. In peace time, Gunstars operate independently or in "wolf packs" of 3-4 to patrol a given sector of space or a travel lane. In war time, Gunstars provide a specialized role either in boarding actions or as escort and harassment ships.

There are different classes of Gunstars, each with specific capabilities incorporated in the design. However, there are certain aspects that all Gunstars have. They are fast and maneuverable warships that can accelerate more quickly than a massive Battlestar. They are equipped with gun and missile batteries to attack and defend against enemy warships and fighters. They possess both sublight and FTL engines for interstellar travel. Gunstars are all capable of planetary landings.

Gunstar ClassesEdit

Titan classEdit

Gunstar Tomahawk

Ships of this class:

Guardian classEdit

Gunstar Vigilant

Ships of this class

Hermes ClassEdit

Gunstar Katana

Ships of this class