Guardian class Gunstar

The Guardian Class, in simple terms, is a sucker punch ship. It is equipped with an ECM suite that essentially renders it invisible to DRADIS. This is not a cloaking device because the Gunstar can still be seen with the naked eye. It does have the Stealth capabilities of a Stealthstar though. The design is loaded with very few point defense weapons, which means it has to run when attacked. However, the Guardian does have numerous long-range missiles with high yield payloads.

Typically mission profile is to FTL jump in system with the ECM suite fully activated, target an enemy combatant, and hit it with missiles, giving the enemy little to no chance to defend against it. The Guardian class also has a passive sensor suite aboard to monitor signals from the enemy or observe distant targets.


SMALL CRAFT COMPLIMENT: 4 Raptors and 1 Shuttle

JUMP RANGE: 90 Stellar Units (SU)


Ship SystemsEdit

Guardian Stealth Field (GSF): Nullifies all known emissions from the ship, causing it be electronically invisible. The system is not designed to detect signals outside of this range and is not useful against a tracking device planted on the Gunstar.

Electronic Counter-measures (ECM): A defensive system installed on Guardian class ships. The system comprises of several different elements. First and foremost, electronic jamming designed to fool the guidance systems of enemy missles. Second, electronic noise canisters which can be ejected from a Guardian class vessel which create electronic noise to attract missiles and lure them into targeting the canister, instead of the ship. Third, a Guardian class vessel is equipped with shuttle-sized decoys which can be ejected and programed to move. The decoy emits the same DRADIS signature of a Guardian class vessel. Fourth, and most powerful, is the EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse), which can emit waves of energy that can disrupt and destroy the electronics of enemy missles.

Special MunitionsEdit

  • Sparrow Anti-Ship Missile
  • Phoenix Hawk Nuclear Anti-Ship Missile

Note: The use of nuclear weaponry can only be authorized by the senior task force officer.

List of Known Guardian Class GunstarEdit


Guardian Class Gunstar is base on Todd Boyce's Guardian