This article refers to the first ship to have the name 'Prometheus'. For other uses of 'Prometheus' see Battlestar Prometheus (Disambiguation)
Battlestar Prometheus (Jupiter Class)
Battlestar Prometheus (Jupiter Class)
Type Military
FTL Yes (Argos Class)
Propulsion Six sub-light engines. Numerous manoeuvring thrusters
Crew Approx 5000 Officers and Crewmen
Commanding Officer Fleet Admiral Nathan Gastineau
Executive Officer Commander Dwannah Tajalle
Role Carrier/Battleship Hybrid
Weapons Primary KEWs (1m calibre), Ship to Ship/Ground Missile (Conventional & Nuclear)
Status Stripped down & serving as a training ship.
Length 4720 feet (1438.64m)
Width 1762 feet (536.84m)
Height 602 feet (183.32m)

Battlestar Prometheus ( BSG 22) was A Jupiter Class Battlestar built shortly before the start of the 1st Cylon War. Designated the command ship of the 3rd Fleet of the Colonial Peace Keeping Forces (the forerunners of the Colonial Defense Force) her introduction to war occurred several days after her launch duing a mission to find the Battlestar Ares, which had been reported missing.

Originally under the command of Rear Admiral Nathan Gastineau, the Prometheus eventually became the command ship of the fleet, and reassigned to Battlestar Group 01, after the destruction of the Battlestar Olympia and the death of Fleet Admiral Rupert Hart in the fifth year of the war.

The Prometheus found the Ares taking on supplies at the Ragnar Anchorage. Gastineau tried to bring the Ares back with him, however they were ambushed by renegade Cylons in, what turned out to be, the opening battle of the Cylon war as Cylon Centurions rose up to throw off the yoke of humanity. The Prometheus was heavily damaged during the battle and the Ares, under the command of Gastineau's old friend Commander Miguel Rivera, Jumped the Ares away and left Colonial space not to be heard again until over forty years later when the Nova class Battlestar Prometheus discovered the ship while on a deep space recon mission.

One of only three of the original twelve Battlestars that survived the war, she fought in several of its most bloody engagements including the ambush at Cimtar, the Leonis offensive and the battle of Caprica. She was retired from active service twenty years after the war and, by special Presidential declaration, assigned as the flagship of the four ship Colonial Fleet Academy Training Group (ATG-1).