Battlestar Eternal
Battlestar Eternal (Mercury Class)
Type Military
FTL Yes (Celestus Class)
Crew approx 2500 (Full crew)
Commanding Officer Admiral Aileen Tajalle
Executive Officer Colonel Thomas Parker
Role Capital battleship/carrier
Weapons 34 Primary Kinetic Energy Weapons (30 twin turrets, 4 fixed twin mounts) and point-defense guns, conventional missiles, nuclear warheads, Vipers, Raptors
Status Active as Copernicus Defense Fleet Flagship
Length 6,470ft (1792 meters)
Width 2,616 ft (797 meters)
Height 1,163 ft (354 meters)

The Eternal is a Block 0 version of the Mercury class. She is fitted with additional heavy turrets on her dorsal and ventral sides. Her flightpods are more compact and completely overlap each other. She was assigned as the flagship of the 1st Colonial Expeditionary Group under the overall command of Brigadier General John Connors shortly after the Prometheus discovered a habitable plant not far beyond the redline. She later became the flagship of the Copernicus Colony once it was established.

Upon the return of the Battlestar Prometheus, the Eternal was folded into the fleet and became the backbone of the defense of the Copernicus colony. A year later, following the destruction of the Battlestar Celestial, she was designated as the flagship for General Connors who had been dispatched to find the long lost Battlestar Galactica.

Several years after the fall of the Twelve Colonies, the Eternal and her accompanying Gunstars found New Earth and the remants of the Galactica survivors. Connors agreed to leave the survivors in peace and deposited several cache's of defense equipment and recorded histories in various locations around the planet, in case any dangers from space threatened the New Earth colonists.

Upon her return to Copernicus she rejoined the fleet. Later, when Commander Tajalle was appointed as Fleet Admiral the Eternal served as her flagship.