Battlestar Celestial
Battlestar Celestial
Crew ≈1000+
Commanding Officer Formerly Commander Tyler †, currently unknown
Executive Officer Formerly Colonel Haskel †, currently unknown
Status Under extensive repairs

The Celestial was a Odin Class Battlestar in Colonial Fleet Battlestar Group 34 and later 1st Colonial Expeditionay Group under the command of Brigadier General John Connors. After establishing the Colony on Copernicus, Celestial became part of the defense fleet under the command of Admiral Jonathan Turner.

Months later, with the discovery of the Battlestar Ares and the location of the Lobo Negro Shipyard identified, the Celestial joined the Eternal and Prometheus in searching the Veil of Athena. Engaged by Cylon Basestars, a lucky shot made its way into the port side landing bay of the Celestial, detonating right above the cells that stored the Viper fuel. The massive explosion resulted in the complete destruction of the flight pod. The Celestial docked with the Lobo Negro station for repairs shortly thereafter. The majority of her crew transferred to the Battlestar Nova to continue the fight against the Cylons in the Second Battle of the Veil.

Lacking the parts and supplies necessary to rebuild the port side flight pod of the Celestial, Admiral Turner approved Operation Celestial. This Operation sent a task force led by the Gunstar Vigilant, under the command of Colonel Marco Hall to recover and return the intact port side flight pod of the Battlestar Icaris, which had been destroyed in the Leonis system. Following the successful recovery of the flight pod of the Battlestar Icaris , it was fixed and attached to the Battlestar Celestial, completing the Celestial's repair. Admiral Turner decided to leave the name "Icaris" on the port side flight pod as a constant reminder of the efforts taken by Colonial forces to stay in the fight.

Shortly after repairs were completed the Battlestar Celestial along with three support ships, including the Gunstars Tomahawk and Sabre , were made part of a task force authorized by Fleet Admiral Turner and commanded by General Connors to search for the Galactica and its fleet. The Celestial was to be the flagship of General Connors but, unfortunately, was destroyed when the Cylons attacked the Copernicus colony. She broke up in the atmosphere and was lost with all hands.