Odin class Battlestar

A newer class of ship, the Odin Class Battlestar was the heart of the Colonial fleet at the time of the attacks. Perfectly suited to combating Basestars, and equipped with the most advanced technology the colonials dared to use, a ship of this class was an impressive warship. Although a small hull (at least when compared to ships like the Mercury or Nova classes) these ships were extremely adaptable. Able to preform scouting, patrols, act as escorts for larger ships, or fight in its own right, there was little that a of this class could not accomplish. The small size, mass production, and range of ability meant that it was perfect for a peace time fleet, as they were cheep, and would not appear useless. Their large numbers, and small size, meant that they would typicaly work in small Battlestar groups. The hull is covered with guns, missile launchers and sensors, giving it a sharp but compact look. There are 3 launch tubes per pod, located in a rectangular section beneath the flight pods facing forward rather than on the side of the flight pods facing outward as they do in most other classes. It is also known as a Light Battlestar.

Ships of this class

  • Battlestar Valkyrie
  • Battlestar Celestial
  • Battlestar Bellerophon
  • Battlestar Remses
  • Battlestar Yashuman
  • Battlestar Odin
  • Battlestar Erasmus
  • Battlestar Night Flight