Ares Class Battlestar
Ares in space
Type Military
FTL Yes (25 Lightyear red-line)
Propulsion Sub-light engines, numerous manoeuvring thrusters
Crew ~2500 (Including Cylons)
Role Carrier/Battleship Hybrid
  • 14 Primary KEW turrets.
  • 20 Secondary KEW turrets.
  • 346 Tertiary CIWS turrets.
  • Ship to Ship Missiles (nuclear and conventional).
Small Craft
Length 1267 meters (4,157 feet)
Width 487 meters (1,599 feet)
Height 177 meters (581 ft)

The first class of Battlestar ever created, as well as the first ships of the Colonial navy. The Ares Class was created as a sign of unity and peace between the Twelve Colonies, Humans and Cylons... at least officially. The government wanted to return control of the Fleet to human hands. This class had advanced computer systems onboard and had a relatively small crew of humans and Cylons, with around 2130 humans and 310 Cylons. At least 2 ships of this class were built; both of which are thought to have been lost to their Cylon crew when the Cylon war broke

Ships of the ClassEdit