Allain Halloran

Allain Halloran

Captain Halloran is Chief Operations Officer of the Battlestar Prometheus.

Allain Xavier Halloran was born on the colony of Picon.

Allian is an easy going man, yet behind his pleasant demeanor and friendly smile lay the heart and soul of steely eyed killer. He served for ten years as an enlisted Colonial Marines before being selected for training with the prestigious Colonial Special Operations Corps, where he earned a commission as a lieutenant in the Colonial Fleet. He is now the Special Operations Detachment commander assigned to the Prometheus. His cover as the ships Operations Officer remains intact even though his abilities were put on display when the Prometheus was captured by the Terran Alliance. Only the senior officers of the fleet know of his true nature, which is the way he prefers it.

During Dead Saint Day, he marry Theresa Madrid. Because Theresa is from Aquaria, Allain is offically now Allain Madrid (nee Halloran), as on Aquaria, the man take the woman last name,


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